Terri Lynne's true lifes' journey, in which gradually over a long period of time, opened her eyes to SEE the UNSEEN presence in her life.  Over this time period, TL learned that, "Just because you can't SEE it, doesn't mean it's not there ~ You just have to look harder and listen to the Whispers to SEE what appears to be unseen at first glance."  

TL also learned, that prayers are answered at the right moment in time, and sometimes left unaswered when our Higher Powers have bigger plans for us!  

When you pay attention to all you can't see, as well as read the signs placed in front of you to see, in time you will: 

 "Love Your Mirror's Reflection," 
"Believe In Miracles," 
& SEE those "Big Dreams" coming true!

Enjoy TL's journey, while opening your eyes to SEE the unseen presence in your lives!

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Wings Passed On by Terri Lynne

A true story how one must TRUST in the process, in order to become a BELIEVER in Heaven's guidance. Through inspirational quotes and messages, it is our wish and desire for you to see by book's end that you too can listen to the WHISPER'S, while receiving messages Heaven sent. Throughout this book, you will witness how by paying attention to the SIGNS along your life's way will guide you onto the true pathway of your soul. When we cross over to the other side, we can still communicate with our loved one's, as long as both sides pay crystal clear attention. This is how the author, Terri Lynne and her Granny, Sara reconnected...

In the middle of the night, around the 3:00 hour, when the rest of the world is resting peacefully, author Terri Lynne would be awakened by hearing "Grab a Pen." So it began… She would write the messages which were being relayed from heaven to earth, from ink to paper over a 20-year period of time. She not only learned about the unusual life she was living, but where this path was leading as well. As she continued to live between two worlds while heading down a guided path, at the right moment in time, it was brought to her attention one night who the messenger was guiding her way. Her "Spirit Guide" from Heaven was – her Granny from Earth, who soon was shown to be the co-author of her book Wings Passed On...

Granny came through while shining LIGHT with LOVE from Heaven to Earth, upon Terri Lynne's path ~ Guiding her to learn to "Love her Mirror's Reflection," "Believe in Miracles" and "Dream Big." Now TL upon Earth and her Granny, Sara in Heaven, together yet with a fine line in between, wish to work with your "Spirit Guides" and "Angels" for you to do the same!

Please visit: www.TLWhispers.com to learn more about the author, Terri Lynne.

"The Angel In Me" By Jeff Pescetto &
"Sara's Song" By Robyn Bryant
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Designed  for your listening pleasure
After the final page of:
"Wings Passed On" 
has been turned... 
Message From Your Angels:

"Take the Time and
Read the Signs,
An Angel You Will See,
One Up Above and 
One In Your Mirror...
Throughout Eternity!

Designed with Light & Love ~  
From Here to Eternity!
Terri Lynne & Granny, Sara

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Granny, Sara & Terri Lynne
Hawaii  ~ 1988
Granny, Sara & Terri Lynne 
Heaven & Earth ~ 2010

Still Connected After All These Years...