Terri Lynne is an Angelic Healer, a Writer, an Author, a Life Coach, a Mom, a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister, an Aunt, a Niece, a Cousin and a Unique Friend.  Her work with the spirits is done when everyone else on earth is taken care of first and foremost.  Although her divine guidance of how to take care of all of her loved ones on earth comes through listening to heavens whispers.  Her "Life Coaching" skills are ever so gently guided through heaven's helping hands. 

TL for short, has worked with her Spirit Guide for approximately 20 years, together writing a book, writing profound quotes, in which she calls her 'Midnight Messages,' as well as relaying messages for many through the years through "Angel Healings."  They work together bridging the gap between heaven and earth, while shining Heaven's bright light and heartfelt love upon earth's floor. 

TL's intention is to remove darkness on earth, 
while creating earth to be more heaven like.  Her desire is for the light to cross over from one dimension to the other, from heaven to earth...
from here to eternity!  Through the whispers, she has learned that you can't remain in the dark if the light is on inside your soul and she is hopeful to shine guided light upon your path removing the darkness.  It takes but only one flame to remove 
the darkness.  Allow her to ignite the spark, as she listens to the whispers while touching one heart at a time, beginning with her own...creating souls to like their own mirror's reflection.

TL sees herself as a "WOW MOM" due to her Whispers Opening Wings (through) Messages Opening Minds!  If you wish to open your wings 
and are willing to open your mind, you too can locate the angel in you!  Heaven and Earth are 
open to support your journey...

The softer one speaks, the more intently one needs to pay attention to hear the spoken word,
So I plan to talk softly, if you choose to hear my messages, you must pay close attention to what you've heard!

"Talk softly and carry Angel Wings!"
Terri Lynne

You can reach us at:
TL Whispers
 4607Lakeview Canyon Rd. #188
Westlake Village, CA  91361
Phone: (818) 949-TLW4 (8594)

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Open Lines of Communication:
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Flexibility on hours if necessary

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