"Thank you for your work with my angels and the guidance received.  It helps so much in those days where everything is cloudy and you aren't sure which way to go, it provides support when embarking on some scary but needed journeys and 
it helps connect in ways that are hard to describe 
in words.  You are an angel on earth.  Thank you!"
                                                           South Africa
"Anybody who has ever had the privilege of having an Angel Healing by Terri Lynne knows that she has 'The Gift.'  Her healings can be life changing for those that listen to her messages with the ears of their higher selves ~ and not with the critical voice of their physical world egos.  TL's clients are constantly challenged to rise up to her level of spiritual connections because she will only ever communicate through the highest, ascended angelic energies available to her at each reading.  This is difficult for many mediums and psychics to do because it's so easy to flow into the lower, ego gratifying energies of the individual sitting in front of you.  But Terri Lynne's constant insistance that "We meet her at HER level," and not the other way around, is validation of her determination to truly help people understand why they are here in the first place.  I thank you Terri Lynne for all your insight offering me clear guidance within my world.  You are most definately an EARTH ANGEL."
"Aloha and Ekomo Mai. I'm a Firefighter Engineer from Hawaii on the island of Maui.  Terri and I have been friends for about forever and a day, even then I felt she had some kind of 'Gift of special healing.'  There was always something special and different about the way she dealt with people and how they would always have a positive reaction towards her.  Even to this day she continues with that trait of giving of herself to help others.  Terri's special spiritual gift has grown and blossomed to the point of perfection.  Terri gave me my first reading and we talked to granny, rest her soul.  I must say talking to granny through Terri and knowing that she passed away at first was a little freaky, like the movie Ghost.  In my field of work, we see alot of amazing things, but that reading blew me away.  We talked to granny where she told Terri about how I wasn't going to be with my blonde girlfriend at the time for very long and how I was going to meet this women who would be a brunette, even though I was more partial towards blondes and to watch out for her.  Granny said, to use long dark hair for recognition purposes when we meet.  Sure enough after returning to Hawaii, we ended up breaking up and a cousin of mine asked me if I could give her friend a ride home, I said sure, not knowing who it was...it was the brunette from the reading.  The moment we saw each other we knew we both wanted each other.  Untl this day 6 years later we have been together and we will be married in July 2010.  I just needed to share this with you.  Mahalos Terri, We Love You!  Aloha and Malama Pono."
                                                        Willye & Susan
                                                        Maui, Hawaii
"I am so greatful for not only Terri Lynne's wisdom through connecting with loved ones above, but for her sincere, caring, love, and friendship we have shared throughout the years.  I feel blessed to have Terri in my life as a dear dear friend, who feels more like a sister, as she has always shared her gift with me.  It has been especially wonderful lately as she has been able to enlighten me as to the true purpose and path of my life."
“Terri's gifts are remarkable.  She clearly saved 
my life by redirecting my medical care, knowing exactly what I needed through her crystal clear connection with her granny, her spirit guide.  She also showed me how to get through to my young son to build a strong relationship between us and allow him to become the happy and talented young man that he was destined to be.  Terri has truly opened my eyes.  I am forever grateful!" 
"I was extremely touched by Terri's insight and divine connection.  She has helped me to have 
more clarity about the things in my life I chose to not see.  During the reading/healing,  she said 
many things that made sense and touched my heart.   My own grandmother came through and 
we spoke.  At one point during the reading, I said to myself in my own mind, "Granny can you hear me and are you with me?"...and just at that very moment, my grandmother answered my question through Terri by saying "Marci Dear, I am here with you and hear your prayers, you can always talk to me because I hear your thoughts and read your energy"...so if there was any tiny amount of doubt about the validity of this reading and /or Terri's gift, at that moment it was completely snuffed out.  She is an Angel here on earth and she has my total support and faith!  I Love You Terri Lynne!"  XOXO
"Terri Lynne has touched my life once again.  With her unbelievable gift to talk to spirit, she is changing lives and healing hearts one by one.  
Terri gave me messages from my spirit guide, and guardian angels that changed the way I am living my life.  The messages were crystal clear and I knew exactly what was being asked of me.  Manifestation began almost immediately.  Terri 
has the kindest most sincere way about her, she is most definately an angel on earth."
"I met Terri at my son's school when we moved to California from Germany.  My son didn't speak a word of English and didn't know any children at the school.  I cried every night and sent my husband to the school to the principal to see if our son could be in a class with Terri's son without knowing Terri yet, I just knew of her son.  When suddenly Terri appeared and we met for the first time, I told her my concern and then she said, "Don't worry I will talk with my granny, (Terri's spirit guide) and I am sure our boys will be together and friends forever."  The principal was 100% against the switch of class for my son, until the next day we got word after Terri talked to her granny in heaven and our boys were together.  I believe this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't met my angel Terri Lynne, it was a MIRACLE!  Then I asked Terri if we would be moving back to Germany or would we stay in California and she told me we would be moving back to Germany.  I was so sad because I never felt this close to anyone even in Germany than I did with my new found friend Terri.  But she was right again and now miles separate us, but we are still just as close in our hearts forever.  Terri is the inspiration for myself and for everyone, she has senses that are UNBELIEVABLEbut I personally experienced her connection to heaven and I BELIEVE in her gift!"
"My Angel is Terri.  She has opened my eyes to a happy and healthy life.  After my Angel Healing with her, I now feel confident in knowing the paths I have to take.  I went through life with so many unanswered questions.  She helped me through tears and pain.  I know she personally feels the joy and pain during her readings ~ healings.  For this I always feel compassion for her.  It must be difficult, for she is real and sincere.  The world is a better place because of Terri Lynne.  I am blessed for the opportunity to know her."
                                                       New Hampshire
"I met Terri about 9 years ago and automatically knew that there was something special about her. 
 I didn't know what yet, it was just a feeling.  We met one time and then I didn't hear from her until one year later, where she was told to "contact him" (meaning me).  In the interim, I had lost my grandmother "Donna" who was very special to me.  Within a couple of months, out of the blue, I received a phone call from Terri.  She asked me if 
I remembered her and I said I do.  She then said to me, this may sound strange, but have you noticed any lights blinking in your house lately and I told her I did notice lights blinking.  Then she asked me if I had recently lost someone close to me and I 
told her yes.  She explained to me that someone had been telling her to contact me and I knew right away who it was: I said to her, it must be Donna, my grandmother.  Following that conversation, I had an Angel Healing with Terri and we were able to contact Donna.  Two days later, I was laying down watching TV and then suddenly the TV picture turned to snow which never happens these days.  Suddenly I felt a presence come into the room.  It was Donna from Heaven, her face was so young and beautiful and she said to me, "Hi Baby, 
I am doing okay" and then faded away.  With this the TV came back on and the lights stopped
blinking in my house.  I have to say this experience I shared with Terri Lynne was the most UNBELIEVABLE event that I have ever experienced.  Thank you Terri Lynne for contacting me, enabling us to be able to connect with my grandmother."
                                                               New York

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